Welcome to golfsierra.org

(What's going on? And why does your HTML look like it's from 1997?)

To answer the questions, respectively, (a) this is in transition right now, but nothing has been deleted - I'm just moving stuff around a bit, and (b) simple HTML is easier to code and I am not motivated to do anything more complex. Sorry.

  • If you're looking for the airplane website, it is right here and will be there for the forseeable future. The airplane has been sold, so I'm not updating this part of the website anymore, but all the data is still there for anyone that might find it to be helpful.

  • The blog is still here: Stumbling Back to Orthodoxy has not moved, and is still being updated.

  • The photography stuff that has not been updated in even longer than the blog is here: photography stuff.

  • If you're looking for the information about the "How Should We Then Live?" study, it's right here.

  • The funny pictures of peeps have also not moved.

  • If you're looking for pictures from Boots and Bling, they're here.

  • If you are here because you came to see huntsvillefood.com, that's still in progress. Check back for information at some indeterminate point in the future . . . I've got a couple different projects going on right now, so it may be a few more months.

Last updated April 2012