Latest News:
  • January '12 - N257S has been sold, but the plane will have further adventures with her new owners. (I will continue to have adventures, too, I hope, but they won't be airplane-related, or recorded here. I am planning on leaving this website up in case any builders continue to find it useful.)
Other stuff:
  • There's a trip report page, and a map of where N257S has been so far.

What's all this?

This site chronicles the adventures and excitement that result when Garrett Smith and his dad Cassius start building a Van's Aircraft RV-7A. One of the requirements for building an airplane is that you must keep a builder's log, and this is it for us. There isn't a big advantage to keeping a really detailed one, though, unless you put it online - and the big advantage there is that it's a help to other builders. I've gotten a great amount of help from other builder's sites, though, so it seems only fair to post all this online to help whoever the next guy happens to be.

  • What's an RV-7A? Learn more about the specs and performance of this aircraft. (This document is part of a growing pile of reference documents on this site.)

  • What's a golfsierra? If you're upset because you were looking for something involving golf, or maybe the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or maybe even golfing in the Sierra Nevadas, and you are upset that this is not it, then maybe you could read this before sending me irate email.

  • I'm involved with a few RV-related Yahoo groups. The one to which I devote the most attention is the RV Quickbuild group. I can't afford to be a lurker on that group because I started it.

  • You can read about me if you're curious about the type of person that's weird enough to start a project like this. You can also contact me if you so desire.

Contrary to the impression that this site gives you, my entire life does not revolve around RV building. There's a couple of projects to convince you this is true - I dabble in photography occasionally, and I've posted some photographs from Yosemite and other (hopefully) photogenic places. I'm also writing a writing a blog which has to (mostly) with theology and the state of the American church, and how it relates to culture. There is very little there about airplanes on either one of those sites.

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