10 April 06 - Wiring Nulites, Dynon Temperature Probe

One of those nights that seemed to have lots of productive work going on but not of the type that lends itself to being photographed well. We're in the throes of wiring the Nulites, which is something of a pain: the wires that are attached are not of the best quality (to put it mildly), so trying to work with them is something of a pain.

Don't get me wrong - I think that Nulites are a great product, but if they used better wires, that would just make it even better.

Thinking about how to route the wires for these suckers - as you can tell, we've got the Nulite on the panel (sort of) without the instrument - in this case the altimeter - in there, just to make it easier to get to.
Mounting the Dynon external temperature probe. After a fair amount of discussion, this is where we decided to put it. Notes about this below.

Putting the temperature probe in the wing didn't take that long, the complicated part is dealing with running wires all over the place as a result of it being in the wing. When we ran wiring in the wings a year ago (or whenever), we figured that was all the stuff that was going in the wings, so the bushings that have wires stuffed in 'em are just about full. Running this down the wing is going to take a bit of work, but only because I didn't plan ahead very well.

Oh - also, if you're thinking of adding one of these - remember that the Dynon temperature probe requires you also buying the Dynon remote compass - the reason for this is that the temperature probe wires to to the compass, and then all those wires go to the actual EFIS.

Of course, I didn't figure this out until we already had a hole in the wing, and since the external compass is currently mounted in the tail . . . I guess we'll have wires going all over the place. Fun fun.

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