10 Feb 06 - Fuse block Pondering, Forward Fuselage/Subpanel Prep

A few things accomplished, today: first, we came up with an answer to what's going on with where to put the fuse blocks, and secondly, we have the panel all match drilled now, so we should be able to pull it apart and start painting all the forward fuselage parts tomorrow.

View from the center - the smaller bus farther forward (to the left) is the battery bus, and the other larger bus will be either the main bus or the emergency bus. Not sure about that yet.
View from outboard (firewall is on the right) - as you can see, the other fuse block is on the opposite side.

The idea behind all this is that how you're routing wires is more important than making this easy to get to after the plane is all together. Obviously, it would be nice to have both, but if the electrical system is designed well, then replacing fuses is something that will only happen extremely rarely, if it happens at all.

Because of the outboard location of one of the busses, though, we may end up putting another access panel in the forward fuselage skin.

Yeah, it doesn't look any different, but there was a lot of match drilling to get to this point. Because of all the weird shapes, a pretty large amount of it was difficult to get to - needs long drill bits, right angle attachments, that sort of stuff.

Tomorrow we'll start painting.

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