10 Jan 05 - Back Bulkhead, Driving a Mini

For you readers that tuned in late: yesterday, we put off drilling and attaching the rudder stops because it looked like the holes weren't aligned correctly. Responses from the RV list indicated that it wouldn't really be that big a problem if they weren't perfectly in the center, but one suggestion was to use smaller rivets, so this is what we did. This seemed to work just fine.

Also, there was a bit of fudging in terms of bending the tab back to where we wanted it to be, and putting the rudder stop just a bit farther down than it could have been. Not much, really: we're talking pretty small measurements here. (A rudder stop in the wrong place - where it doesn't stop the rudder - doesn't do anyone any good.)

This is how everything came out and illustrates the holes drilled on both sides. Here it is with the front in focus (so you can see the outside) . . .
. . . and here it is with the back in focus. Seems to line up okay.
Color of clecos shows what we're doing: smaller rivets in the back.
This is as far as we got tonight. The one cleco right above the rudder stop is the only one on the side that we couldn't squeeze, so we'll have to buck it tomorrow, along with the guys on the bottom.
Yeah, this has nothing to do with RVs. This little guy (with Rod inside it) stopped by my place of work today, and Rod was kind enough to let me take it around the block.
It would be hilarious to see one of these towing an RV to the airport. Yeah, right. With this airplane project, I won't be able to afford a new car until roughly 2015.

Tomorrow, we'll finish the back bulkhead rivets. Need to start thinking about the next step after that, though. Hmmmmm.

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