10 July 05 - Rollbar Parts and Putterings

It would be easier to confirm that the rollbar is actually the right width if the little supporting pieces are in there - okay, let's make them. Well, they don't sit in there correctly because of a quirkly thing with the QB kits - for the tipper canopy configuration, part of the F-721B canopy deck needs to be trimmed. This is practically the only part of DWG 18 that you will look at, and sure enough, we hadn't looked at it until we figured out it wasn't going to fit.

All that to say - this has to be trimmed by 1 15/16".

This is (more or less) what needs to be trimmed off.
There's F-631C where it's supposed to go . . .
. . . and F-631D underneath it.

What with all the trying to figure out how much to trim off of - looking through websites and thumbing through the plans - we didn't really get as much done as we were hoping for. Ah well, we'll resume it again next time.

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