10 March 05 - Gear Weldment Weirdness, Etc.

The goal for today is to keep working on the holes for the gear legs and the lenses for the wingtips. A few weird things today . . . details are farther down the page.

First of all - this is what happens when you us a stone wheel in the die grinder to actually do more grinding than (apparently) it's designed to do.
A trip to Harbor Freight and a few bucks generated these, which seem to work a whole lot better.
Okay, on to the weirdness - this is the detail on the left gear weldment, showing how the powdercoated gear weldment part has room to fit between the spar and the angle on the floor.
Another view - same side, same thing. Why this is interesting will become evident in just a second.
Here's where it gets weird - this is the right side, and as you can tell, there's not room for the weldment to slide in where it's supposed to go.
Here's the same view of the other side, just to show how it's supposed to fit.

This is worth checking for - what almost happened to us (and which could pretty easily happen) is that this won't fit in here but you don't realize it, so you keep expanding the hole for the gear leg until it's waaaaaay too big.

Continued making progress on the landing light lenses. Both of them are getting closer, but neither one is done yet.

Well, it looks like the project for tomorrow is going to be figuring out how to fix this issue with the fit of the gear weldments. We can't get a dremel in there at the correct angle, and at this point I don't know of any other way to make it fit . . . oh well. Probably we'll come up with something by tomorrow.

The hole for the gear leg is actually probably okay, at this point. There's just no way to check until we get the spacing for that part of the weldment correct.

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