10 Oct 05 - Wingtip Fiberglass, Canopy Latch Handle

Investigating the wingtips today revealed that the foam and fiberglass/expoxy sandwich seems to be working well. It's nice and stiff. Time to start on the top of the wingtips, but because these involve a bit more of a curve, it seemed like a good idea to cut thinner strips of foam. The part near the edge that's really curved will probably just get another layer of fiberglass. I don't think there would be a good way to get foam to stick to that.

In any case, here we are:

Foam strips expoxied and drying. Note that we've got the wingtip ribs in the back just to make sure that it dries in the right shape.
I messed up the little yellow ball and had to order another one. This is done now, but for now to not mess it up, read below:

The directions say to use a #16 drill bit on the plastic part. It seems like this is not a "oh, this is close enough" sort of situation. The first time I tried this, I first tried with a smaller drill bit (and gummed up the screw because it didn't really want to go in), and then with a drill bit that was just a bit too large. I thought it would be okay, but it wasn't: the screw just sort of fell in.

In any case, save yourself some trouble and just go buy a #16 drill bit. I think it's the first time on the project I've needed one, but you really do need it.

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