10 Sept 05 - More Empennage Fairing Stuff

Not a lot of time for RV work today, as the day started with a cross-country flight under the hood (more IFR rating stuff), and there are houseguests tonight. In any case, let's keep working on these empennage fairings.

Vertical Stab fairing: this has the metal strips glued in side it now, which I decided to go ahead and do even though the edge distances are probably okay. After this cures, it'll be pretty easy to get finished up.
This piece, on the other hand, is being a pain in the proverbial rear. This is the largest fairing on the empennage, and it's been on the back burner for about a week now, I guess. Pretty incremental: trim, fit it, trim it, fit it, etc etc.
If one side is trimmed too much, it ends up being not entirely vertical. To make sure it's straight, checking from the back or front is important, too.
This showed up today from Elite, Etc, even though none of us remembered ordering anything like this. Apparently Mattituck ordered us a couple cases of engine oil. I guess this is what they recommend, then.

As I've probably already said (but the empennage fairings have taken long enough that it was probably quite a few pages ago) - we're just using the hardware store style 5-minute Epoxy for attaching the fiberglass to the metal strips. This stuff is probably not quite as good as actual aircraft grade epoxy, but as you could make a pretty good case that the metal strips don't need to be there anyway, I'm sure that it'll be strong enough. Plenty of RVs are flying without the metal strips in there anyway, so it'll be fine.

Also, we've talked to the Mattituck folks and asked them to delay engine shipment for another month, so now we're scheduled for the end of October. The focus before the middle of October (and possibly sometime after that, too) is going to be getting the empennage and wings ready to paint, so we probably won't be ready for the engine until the end of October, at the earliest. Looks like the oil that we received today won't be used for awhile.

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