11 April 05 - Tech Counselor Inspection

No metal bending tonight - tech inspection with lots and lots of standing around talking. More comments below.


I do not think that anything good could have come from putting addresses and signatures on the web, so you have blurry parts.

What we're doing on for the wiring on the wings, according to Sam, is fine. The attachment of the tail looks fine. Most of the stuff that we've been worried about falls into the "this will be perfectly okay" category. Planning for wiring in the other wings: Sam has suggested getting a piece of PVC pipe to run down the lightening holes of the other wing. According to Sam, this can be held in place with wire ties and should be fine. Obviously, not running into the aileron pushrod is something of a concern, but that's pretty much the only thing to worry about. We'll probably end up doing this for the other wing - since the one that we've already run wires for (the right one) had so many wires that only went half way down the wing, that wasn't really such a hot plan, but for the other wing (only wire that goes halfway down the wing is for the pitot heat), it's probably not a bad plan. We still have to run landing lights, position lights, wire for the strobe, and maybe a coax cable for an eventual VOR down to the end.

Other than wiring in the wings, there wasn't really much that we wanted to talk to Sam about.

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