11 Dec 05 - Various Forward Fuselage Putterings

Ack. Been awhile since I've been able to work on this - work had me on the road. Now I'm back, and dad's gone, so the progress over the next few days may leave something to be desired.

Firewall dimpled, so this is back together. This wouldn't be worth mentioning except that the tool to do this - dimples via the pop rivet puller - are not in the size required for this in the Avery Tools kit.
Panel sides - the F-703C pieces are now in. This is not as straightforward as it could be as we orginally made them for the standard panel. The shape had to be modified slightly to fit the modular panel.
Yeah, same thing, just a view from the back. Holes are drilled, I'll get the nutplates in there tomorrow.

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