11 Feb 05 - Finish Mouting the Vertical Stab

Today we're going to try to finish mounting the vertical stab. There's not really all that much to do, and even with our "measure 20 times, cut once, maybe, after measuring some more" philosophy, we'll probably be able to finish this up.

Oh yeah, here's a part that should have been finished awhile back - stop for the elevators. We have to have it done now because it bolts to the vertical stab.
F-671 primed and riveted to the horizontal stab. All good so far.
Measuring the vertical stab before clamping the back and match drilling the holes. Here's the measurement on the right side.
Left side. I think that's about as close as we're going to get it.
Here's the finished (har!) product. I mean, there it is with the horizontal and vertical stab on, anyway.

I'd love to hang the elevators and rudder on, but it's late and I'm tired. I guess we'll get to that tomorrow.

Also, we're debating making a shim to go between the horizontal stab main spar and the vertical stab attach point (i.e., F-671). The fit there is pretty good, but making it even better won't take a whole lot of effort. We'll mess around with that tomorrow.

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