11 Feb 06 - Painting Forward Fuselage Parts

Probably about the only thing worth saying here is to comment on why these parts look so weird - as if we should painted something pink so we could have neopolitan ice cream colors. Here's the idea behind this: the part that can be seen from the front of the plane (even when the canopy's open) would ideally be painted the interior color so everything matches. However, the stuff that's really far forward doesn't really have to be painted at all. One of the tips we were given by someone that has one of these planes, though, was to paint anything in that area an extremely light color so you'd be able to see what you're doing if you ever have to get in there to work with the electrical system. I'm not really sure how much difference this will make, but it's worth a shot. We'll paint everything in that area gloss white.

Because of these two goals (nice interior color that matches, high-visibility behind the panel), some parts have to be painted one color on one side and one color on the other side, and you can see a few parts that are painted half of one color and half of the other. This should all make more sense once we start putting parts together.

Parts drying. We won't put them together until tomorrow.

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