11 June 05 - More Panel, Fuselage Work

Ahhh . . . another Saturday on the project. We're still filing away on the panel, starting the process of getting all the instruments that have cutouts (Pictorial Pilot, VSI, Altimeter) to fit correctly. Not difficult stuff, but because we're working with this modular panel with the thicker material, it is (like everything on this project) taking a lot more time than we thought it was going to.

Here's the right cutout for the pictorial pilot.
It fits! And we put it in the right hole, even. We don't have the screws, yet, though.
Patterns for the floorboards. More about this at the bottom.
Copilot stick with the Ray Allen G101 stick grip. We've epoxied the button in there (super glue wasn't strong enough), because the stick is removable. We're planning on putting the PPT switch on the panel.

We're not entirely sure what we'll be doing for the floorboard panels. Probably a layer of foam and then a layer of carpet, is what we're thinking right now. In any case, it's not a bad idea to get the templates made now, as after we get some more of the forward fuselage in there (not to mention the gas lines, etc.) it'll be a pain in the rear to get down here. Templates are done now, anyway.

We'll continue the process of filing stuff in the instrument panel when we pick this up next.

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