11 Nov 05 - NACA vents, Parts Arriving, Documenting Oops Moments

Wow. Work sends me out of town for a few days and when I get back, there is a fairly large pile of parts to deal with.

There's the pile. The most interesting arrivals are . . .
The transponder (a Garmin GTX 327) which just arrived from Stark Avionics, and . . .
. . . the Altrack Altitude hold, which just arrived from Affordable Panels.
This is the first serious attempt to figure out how well the recess is going to fit. This is prior to a bit of filing around the corners to help convince it to sit nice and flat.
New NACA vent is here (the old one was cracked. Match drilling it like I just did right before I took this picture is not a good idea - the vent fits nicely . . . to the outside of the skin.
The holes in the plastic got just a bit wallowed out as a result of that brain cramp. Because there's a metal plate backing it up, though, everything seemed to work fine.

These last two pictures are from a couple of "whoops" moments that we're both a but unsure about. I don't think either one of these is really bad, just the sort of error that needs a couple extra pairs of eyes to be able to know you're fixing it correctly.

Drilling holes for the battery box - accidentally drilled one just a bit too high. (The battery box brace is in the correct place below.) Structurally, not so worried - just how do we plug the hole? I think we'll just put a nut and bolt in it, as it's the right size for that.
Gas line that runs from the fuel pump to the fuel selector. It might be okay, but does that look like it may eventually leak? Dunno.

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