11 Sept 05 - Fairings, Rollbar Stuff

What we're trying today should have a good result (i.e., should result like the plans tell you to build it), but the process that we're using doesn't seem like what the plans tell you to do. We're trying to drill the inside bolt holes for the rollbar, and the measurements that are given in the plans are for the holes on the angle to which the rollbar actually bolts. If you drill those holes in the angle, there's not really going to be a way to match drill it to the rollbar because you'd have to drill it from inside. Pretty much all we could think to do was to guess where the angle that is inside is sitting, and then drill a hole through the rollbar and angle at the same time. We did this with an undersized drill bit, in case it was a little bit off - with an undersized bit, you've still got a chance of "pushing" it in one direction or another if you're off. (Use a file to elongate the hole or something.)

This is further complicated for us, because we've got two fairly hefty shims between the inboard side of the angle and the rollbar, because the angle ended up being just a bit thinner than it should have been. In any case, we're going to try to drill all of that at the same time and if we're lucky, the edge distance will be okay. Because the shims are inside the rollbar, though, you can't really see them. They're there, though.

This picture has nothing to do with the above discussion - it's the fairing for the vertical stab, which is on as of today. Unrelated. Sorry.
#40 holes drilled through the rollbar and angle. Now let's take it apart to check the edge distance . . .
Looks okay, so we can drill it out to a larger size.
Done! Holes seem to be in the right place as far as edge distance for all the pieces. We were both a little surprised how well this turned out.
This was just for kicks and giggles, to see how it looks - sure enough,with the canopy (temporarily) on, it's actually starting to look like an RV. OooooOOOOooooh.
Rollbar is painted and now matches the rest of the interior.
The beginnings of building a clothes hanging bar into the rollbar - more discussion is below.

Putting a clothes hanging bar into the rollbar isn't an idea that's original with us, there are actually a couple different rollbar mods that we've been thinking about. The one that we've come up with is a little bit different, but I think it'll work pretty much the same way. I guess we'll see how it comes out.

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