12 April 05 - Strobe Power Supply Mounting Bracket, PVC

We've pretty much decided to run PVC down the left wing based on the conversations we had with Sam yesterday. Let's track down some PVC.

I guess we're about ready to start closing up the wings, too (or at least one of them), but that seems like a pretty big project. We're off to Sun-n-Fun in a few days, and we won't be able to finish that up before we leave. I'm sure we can find other stuff to keep us busy before that, though.

The evening started with a trip to Home Depot to buy PVC pipe. This is what we ended up getting. The walls are fairly thin, so it's fairly light, and it's pretty small, so it should be able to easily stay out of the way.
Mounting brackets for the strobes that we started a few days ago. This has been a back burner project for awhile, but it's almost done now.
Match drilled and dimpled into the skin . . .
. . . and with the brackets clecoed in there.
How this is all going to fit together. We're waiting for some screws to come in so we can attach the brackets to the strobe power supply - seems safe to wait for that before we rivet the brackets to the skin.

That's probably the last entry for awhile . . . we're headed off to Sun-n-Fun in a few days, and I expect there will be some frenzied preparations for that which will mean that plane work will be on the back burner for a few days. When we get back, we'll finish up these brackets and move on to closing up the wings.

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