12 April 06 - Antennas, wing wiring, Nulites

Not a terribly productive day today, but we're getting closer to finishing up the sub-projects we've got going on. All the wiring and splicing got us to the point where we can now power up the nulites (and use the dimmer), so that was pretty exciting. The other projects are less exciting: got the doubling plates match drilled to the fuselage, and working on running wiring in the wings.

They're lit up, although it's difficult to see in this picture because the lights are on. You can tell if you look at the top of the airspeed indicator or VSI, though.
Placement of the doubler plate and transponder antenna. Everything's in there and the fit is fine. Need to get these primed, dimpled, and riveted on there.
View of the antenna from the outside.
Still dorking around with the wing wires - the small bundle of wires for the external temperature sensor (the one white wire that's just sitting in there) fits through some larger grommets and not through smaller ones. Probably redrilling at least one of these is in order. Darn.


You might no want to blindly follow this. Here's why: right under the seatpan might not have been the ideal place to mount the transponder antenna, but I'm just figuring out now (not quite a month later). It turns out that it's best to have (a) at least three feet of wire between the transponder and the transponder antenna (though I don't now if this applies for a metal plane, and there's plenty of metal planes out there that don't follow this rule, apparently it's still recommended by Garmin), and (b) there should be more than three feet between it and the nav antenna, and again, we don't have adequate room there.

So, some of this may be changing . . . not sure yet, hopefully a brief survey will reveal some RVators that did the same thing.

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