12 Dec 04 - Finishing the Steps, Starting Rudder Stops

Well, today we're going to rivet the steps. The general goal here is to use all flush rivets (well, we've got to, since we countersunk all the holes) and use as many solid rivets as we can.

Priming this was in addition to priming the steps themselves. That probably wasn't necessary, but it can't hurt, either.
First step riveted on!
Same thing, view from the inside.
This is unrelated to the steps - we're working on the rudder stops, now. When we put them on the plane, they will look like this. (That's Scott Millhouse's RV-9A.)

Well, now that the steps are done, we're going to try to approach this in a more organized way - we'll be starting at the back of the plane (hence, we just started the rudder stops) and work forward. Probably next is, well, finishing the rudder stops and then working on the back tiedown, followed by starting the pitot plumbing. We'll see how that goes.

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