12 Dec 05 - Subpanel/Forward Fuselage Stuff

Trying to get the forward fuselage together for the first time, anyway - match drilling some of the parts the are prepunched, and a couple of them that aren't.

Drilling the holes in F-746, the subpanel attachment - the bottom of this angle part is where the cables attach to the subpanel. The plans call for the holes to be 1/2 inch away, which by a happy coincidence is the width of this ruler.
Both these parts (F-703C-L and F721C) are in, now, primed, and with the nutplates on.
A few things, here - the subpanel cable attach part is on, as well as the u-chanel reinforcement, which has been match drilled as well.
In addition, the hole for the canopy latch has been filed out so that the channel matches the main subpanel part.
The channel that goes down the center, here, (F-643-1) doesn't have any match drilled holes at all. The general idea (I think) is to match drill it to the firewall and subpanel, and after that's clecoed together, match drill the top skin to it.

We'll keep working on this same thing tomorrow . . . not overly exciting, I know. Progress will be faster after we've got two sets of hands again.

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