12 Feb 04 - Empennage is on!

Well, we're winding down this empennage-mounting project. Although the vertical stab made it on the plane last time, we both agreed that it might fit just a bit better if we placed a shim between the layers of metal where it mounts on the front. Let's make that, and then get everything together.

There's the shim. This was made out of 0.016" aluminum . . . could have been thicker, but this will do okay.
After the vertical stab was on, getting the rudder and elevators on wasn't a big deal. The rudder required a bit of taking it on and off to get it on eventually (you have to get all the rod end bearings lined up nicely), so we had it on a few times before we were happy with it.

The rudder isn't quite where it needs to be, or we need to redo the rudder stops. I think that this is part of the project where it starts to be more of an art than a science, so we'll probably just leave it like this for awhile until we figure out exactly what to do.

Interestingly enough, it wasn't even close to the rudder stops when we got it on there the first time. There are two different measurements that come with the kit - one in the drawings and one in the directions. They're not the same. We started with the ones on the drawings and tweaked it from there. Don't know if that's just for us or for all kits, so your milage may vary.

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