12 July 05 - Rollbar Putterings

Not anything overly exciting today - as you can see in the picture, we've finally got the the back of the rollbar in one piece, although the rivets holes have not been drilled out to their final size. What absorbed most of the time today, though, was trying to get the dimensions exactly right for height and width of the rollbar. There's a bit of material to be taken off the top where the pieces join together (to make it less wide), and as we don't have a really elegant way to do that (belt sander would be nice, I think), this took most of the evening.

However, the width is now right. Looks like this ended up being a little bit (3/32 of an inch) to tall, and I don't really want to trim that out because of the edge distance of the access holes on the bottom. Yeah, I know, that probably doesn't make a difference, but it can't hurt to be too careful. A quick phone call to a RV-9A (slider) builder just down the road verified this: the width of this is extremely important and worth fussing over. The height is can be off by a bit and still be okay. You're going to be building the canopy on it, he tells us, and so you'll have to adjust that to fit anyway.

Good enough for me. Let's drill this and call it a night.

Status at the end of the day.

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