12 March 05 - Gear Weldments, Painting, Lights

After lots of contemplation and discussion, we came up with something of a fix for the spacing problem we were having with the gear weldments when we were working on this last time. Not really a good solution, but something, anyway. Ideally, you could get a dremel in there somehow, but after trying to fit one in there it doesn't look like it'll go at the correct angle. What we're going to do is to try to grind off the back of that angle using some pretty rough emery cloth and then smooth it out with a really light sandpaper. This is kinda clunky and time-consuming, but it'll work.

Grinding down that angle. Note the paper taped to the spar to prevent it from getting scratched.
Also, we've finally got around to painting the airbox and match drilling it into the fuselage. Still need to go back and enlarge the holes and add nutplates, though.
Looks like the emery cloth trick worked. After enlarging the hole just a little bit more, this fit in just fine. This is the first time we've had both weldments in there.
Both wingtip lenses are getting closer to being done. This one's pretty close but not quite perfect yet . . .

Well, we'll continue the adventures with the landing lights tomorrow, and probably get the top coat on the airbox.

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