12 May 05 - More Wingtip Stuff

Well, right after putting together the lights together last time we were out here, we discovered that there was supposed to be some RTV between the wingtip and the actual light mount. Well, poop. Looks like this is coming apart again before it goes together for good - after the RTV is in there, it's not coming apart again.

I'm not entirely sure that this step is necessary, but it seems like a good idea. Well, maybe. It seems like it would make getting it back out again more difficult, but that may not be necessary anyway. I guess we'll see.

New stuff in the mail - these are the flush mounts for the Dynons, whenever they show up.
Wingtip mounting hardware from Cleaveland.
Trying to get our brains around how the wingtips go together - we'll try to start that project tomorrow, maybe. This step won't be until later, anyway.
Drilling the holes for the attach screws.

There's an interesting lesson here that we didn't learn until we drilled the second wingtip lens. Even if the lens fits well just sitting in there, it needs to be held in there tightly - and I mean tightly while you're drilling it, or it won't fit correctly. The second lens (that fit better) was a result of taping it down as shown, drilling one side, then after that has been clecoed in, pulling the other side as tight as possible before drilling it.

Like in so many areas of life, this situation can be made better by a decisive application of duct tape.

RTV on the wingtip. This is not enough RTV for any sort of useful application due to the shape of the light mount. It's necessary to slather the back of the light mount pretty well, too.
Done, sort of. See below.

Just two screws aren't going to be enough to hold the wingtip lenses without moving, unfortunately. I've seen some planes that have only had two screws in each lens, and it looks pretty slick. Unfortunately, ours don't fit quite well enough to make that happen (there's still a bit of movement) so we'll probably put another screw in there if there's not a way to fix that otherwise. I guess we'll see.

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