12 Nov 04 - Drilling the Seatbacks

Let's get the top and bottom parts for the seat backs drilled tonight. Probably we won't go too late because I'm hoping to fly this Warrior to Bessemer (KEKY) tomorrow for an FAA seminar on pilot-controller interactions. Looks like the weather might be pukey, though, and if it is, we'll just get an early start on the rest of the drilling for the seats.

This is pretty much just following the directions ("build it like the picture"), so there's not really much interesting stuff here.

Top of the seat.
Bottom of the seat. Both seats are the same so it's not worth putting up 4 pictures, I think.

Well, we haven't drilled the end holes, we'll match drill those when we attach the side parts, as the hole has to go through all the pieces of metal.

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