12 Nov 05 - Gascolator, Gas Line, Putterings

One of the things that came in the mail yesterday was a pile of desiccant plugs from Aircraft Spruce. Getting those in the engine is a priority, but we're probably going to only put them in the top plugs, for what it's worth.

Well, after borrowing a wrench to turn the spark plugs, which somehow we didn't already have. As a local RV-9A builder told me, "Now you get to the point where you get to buy lots of weird tools." Man, I thought I had been doing that for the last year and a half.

Plugs in the engine. Purple means they're still dry . . . pink means it's time to put the desiccant (and only the desiccant, not the whole plug) in the oven to dry out.
The bottom nutplate for the fuel pump interferes with the fit of the engine mount on the nosegear models only. Here we are grinding it down with a dremel. (Also, to eliminate interference, you'll need a shorter bolt, or a trimmed bolt, or more washers.)
Gascolator safety wired, which is the first time we've done that to any part. Was a learning experience and we used lots of wire. Oh, also the drain plug is in the end - used fuel lube for that.
Gascolator on the firewall - fitting to the engine driven fuel pump is hooked up too.
Manufactured and installed the gas line from the fuel pump to the gascolator. This seems to fit very nicely.

Seems that the next thing to tackle will be (a) the nutplates that go into the firewall (for clamps for hoses, etc.) and (b) the firewall recess, which is a potential pain in the rear. We'll see.

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