12 Oct 04 - Mounting the Ailerons

A couple times now during the project, it's been necessary to cut spacers out of aluminum tubing. As great as a bandsaw is (and I think it's necessary to have for this project), it's a real pain in the butt to get the tubing cut exactly square, especially on the smaller tubing. To save time, and make sure the parts came out better, we got a tubing cutter and did a bunch of the spacers over again. This is going to make it lots easier.

Sears - about $5. Sweet!
You can see the little gray spacer (that fits now!) to the right of the pushrod, which is now ready to go. Well, except for the jam nuts.
Pushrod with the aileron attached.
Here's the entire aileron.
Detail on the inboard bracket.
Same thing, other wing. Not completely necessary, but we were excited.

Well, we're about as done with the wings as they're going to get now - the bottom skin is still off, but we're going to leave that until as late in the project as possible. We're not going to wire this and do the pitot plumbing until it's time to do those projects for the whole plane, so there's not much left before we push the wings to the side of the shop and move the fuselage back to center stage.

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