12 Oct 05 - Seats show up, Finishing Wingtip Fiberglass

Seats finally came back from Oregon Aero today - I think we shipped them sometime in the middle of July. They did a terrific job, but it looks like if you need seats upholstered quickly, they may not be your ideal choice.

They did a spectacular job, though, and as long as you give them enough time, I'd say this is pretty highly recommended.

Copilot seat in the fuselage.
Stick boot. These don't show up in their catalogue, but they will do them if you ask. These ones are the same material as to match the seats.

Same sort of stuff we did a few days ago with the fiberglass stuff, except now I'm getting a little better at it. This was just glassing the inside of the top of both wingtips, so now they are pretty much done. I need to rivet in the braces (which are clecoed on in the following pictures), but that's about it. It's probably worth noting that there was some amount of effort to get these things in a position where they would cure in the shape that they're supposed to be: clecoing in the braces, for example, and putting in towels and/or baby food jars underneath it at various points.

Right wingtip with the cloth sitting in there.
Left wingtip after the cloth has been given a nice coat of epoxy.

That's about it . . . tomrrow's the last day of work before we're off to Atlanta for the EAA Sportair Painting Workshop at the Alexander Technical Center.

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