12 Sept 05 - Rollbar Putterings

We're trying to get the drilling on the rollbar finished up, so that can get primed, painted, and what have you. Eventually we'll get this thing on the plane for good. However, with the recent Service Bulletin for tipper RVs, there's some additional stuff that needs to be done here that merits some discussion. We match drilled/dimpled the back skin that attaches here before the service bulletin came out, so the number and size of rivets that were called for in the the plans at that time were not correct. We had drilled them to #40 holes and dimpled them, and now they have to be drilled to #30's (and then re-dimpled, presumably), and there are also more holes that were actually not in the original skin at all.

As a result, this has to be done in two stages: first, match drilling out the original holes to #30 holes (to enlarge the holes in the skin, and then match drill this to the new parts that we got as a result of this service bulletin). Because these (smaller) holes are through all the parts, this can be done from the top. The additional holes are in the bottom parts but not in the top, so they have to be drilled from the bottom.

I'm not sure this is really clear . . . probably you have to go look at the actual service bulletin before this makes any sense at all. The next two pictures show the two steps, for whatever that's worth:

After the original holes have been drilled out - the ones that have been drilled out are the ones with larger clecos in them.
Match drilling the additional holes. These holes actually fall between the holes that have already been drilled, but they are so close together that you can't put all the clecoes in the top or bottom - you've got to alternate.
What will eventually be the ends of the clothes hangar bar that we started thinking about yesterday. More discussion below.
Foam for inside the wingtips: why are are we doing this? More notes below.

Gosh. There was more stuff that we did than this, but it was all along the lines of deburr and countersink this, and scuff that with scotchbrite pads so that we can paint it tomorrow . . . not really worth taking pictures of. In any case, a few notes:

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