13 Aug 05 - Getting a GPS, Stretching the Rollbar

Lots of running around today for various different reasons, and a good day even if we didn't get to spend as much of it in the shop as I would have liked.

A few days ago Doug Preston (currently flying an RV-7, which he's about to sell as the -7A that he's having built for him is nearly done) told the local RV mailing list that he was about to upgrade his Garmin 296 to a 396 and therefore would have a used Garmin 296 to sell. I was hoping to get a 396, but looking at the price difference between a used 296 and a new 396 . . . well, it's a no brainer. Doug's up from Birmingham eating pancakes in Moontown, so we're off to Moontown to pick it up.

Doug's RV-7. One of my friends was with me, and had never ridden in an RV, so he got his first ride. I'm pretty sure you can see the grin from here!
296 back in the shop. Looks like it fits nicely in the AirGizmos mount that we were planning to use.
Okay, back to work -Fiberglass tip for the right side of the horizontal stab is on there.
Remote compass for the Dynon is now mounted in the tail. This is just temporarily in there until we can replace the screws with something non-ferrous. Hopefully the trim cable is far enough away that it won't mess with the compass results.

Other trip of the day: over to David Edgemon's house. David (RV-9A, flying) had the same problem that we had with the rollbar: measured just fine when it was all clecoed together, but after riveting, it ended up being a bit smaller (5/32 inch) than it was supposed to be. David has the equipment to stretch it out, so off we go to his shop . . .

Dad (left) and David contemplate how this is going to work. You can see what's going on, though - one end is just a brace, and the other end has the handle that will stretch it.
The "just holding it there" end. This worked okay, but I think it would have worked better if we had braced it farther up on the rollbar - right above the hole, instead of under it.

The procedure was pretty much what you would think it would be - pull it out so it's wider than it's supposed to be (there's a surprising amount that it can be stretched) and then let it spring back. It'll spring back to a slightly larger size, provided you pulled it out enough in the previous step.

Sure enough, we got it back to the shop and it fit.

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