13 Dec 05 - Match Drilling More Forward Fuselage Parts

Not a very productive day, really: just attaching more parts to the forward fuselage.

Match drilling F-643-1 to the subpanel - make sure the tops are equal, as these both attach to the same skins.
Same sort of thing for the F-644 pieces, too. Important to get these in exactly the right place, so to make sure, we clamped it on, put the skin on, made sure it was nicely lined up.
Whole thing . . . although you can't see it, the other end of F-643-1 is drilled to the firewall, now. We did the same sort procedure of clecoing the skin on to make sure it fits for that, too. So this doesn't look like much, but the forward fuselage skin went on and off a half dozen times tonight, I'm guessing.

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