13 Feb 05 - Thinking about the Forward Fuse

Now that the empennage is mounted, I expect we'll be leaving that alone for awhile except for minor tweaking. (We've gotten the rudder pretty close to where we want it, but adjustment of that and making sure the rudder stops work, etc., is probably off in the future after we discuss it with other RV folks.) In any case, it's now time to start thinking about the forward fuse - landing gear, cabin stuff, and (gasp!) firewall stuff. Tonight -- and I expect the next few nights may be like this -- is going to mostly involve head scratching, finding parts, and figuring out the ideal assembly order.

We never finished the center rudder brace (F-6118) when we were working on the pedals, but apparently this should go in before the firewall recess (F-601K). Fine, that'll be one of the first things we work on. We match drilled it (it's clecoed on now), and it's notched so that the firewall recess will fit.
Cover for the fuel selector valve. Not any work done with these, just messing around to see how this is all going to fit.

Well, the next step is to try to get the lightening holes in the rudder brace. The hole saws that we got from Sears are pretty badly off center - this is the first time that we've tried to use them, and cutting a scrap piece of alclad yielded a rather messy result. Off to Sears tomorrow to see if we can get this fixed . . .

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