13 Jan 06 - Fixing the Air Compressor

This is the conclusion to a saga that's actually been an ongoing saga for much longer than entries on this website would lead you to believe. For a few weeks, now, the air compressor hasn't been able to get over 80 PSI. A week ago, it just started making a horrific noise, and no longer had the capability of compressing air. Not good.

A quick investigation revealed that a tube was cracked. It's just aluminum tubing, so there's a bit temptation to try to make it ourselves, but the ends on it are quite weird, and given the cost of the part, it probably is not worth the time. Dad ordered the part when I was out of town, and now it's in and he's out of town, so I'll put it together.

Here's the part the broke - I think this is the tube through which the compressed air passes. Yeah, if it breaks . . . yeah. Bad stuff.
. . . and here's the new part.
New parts. You also need a new connector, because it seals by squeezing down on the tube, so there's no way you can get the old one off the old tube.
New part on there. Yay. Torque it down according to the specs that are in the manual, which I don't have sitting in front of me. It's in there, regardless.

Apparently, this is not all that uncommon a part to break - I talked to one of the guys that has this same air compressor, and sure enough - this part broke on his after a year or so of use.

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