13 May 05 - Dynons, Radio Show Up

No work on the plane today (it's Friday and I'm pooped from work), but the Dynon EFIS, the Dynon Engine Monitor, and the Garmin SL40 all showed up in the mail today. It's Friday the 13th, but I none of that seemed unlucky to me. Any hope of getting work done on the plane tonight vanished when these things showed up. Lots of time playing with them and reading user manuals.

Screen of the EFIS. With the internal battery, you can power it up right out of the box.
EFIS (top) and Engine monitor (bottom), showing the relative size of them.
Slew of sensors that came with the Engine Monitor.
Garmin SL40 - we ordered this at Sun-n-Fun from Gulf Coast Avionics, and it's just shown up today.
P5130775.JPG copy
Mounting kit for the radio.

Time to go get some sleep. We'll continue this adventure tomorrow.

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