13 Nov 04 - Drilling the Seatbacks

Today the air drill and the air compressor will probably get more of a workout than they've had in awhile. Parts like these (no match drilled holes) sure make me glad that we're building a 7 . . . although this is time consuming, it really is a whole lot of fun. The goal for today is to get the seats drilled, deburred, and primed.

What we're up to: drilling the side parts . . . there are no matched holes, so clamping stuff into place is a must.
Setup for drilling - this seemed to work well.
Pilot's seat completely drilled and clecoed.
Detail on the back of the seat.
There's the passenger's (copilot's?) seat.

What you don't see pictures of is all the deburring and priming that took place after this. We left the nicely primed parts drying at the conclusion of tonight's work session, after a bunch of deburring and scotchbriting. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll be able to get the whole pile of parts riveted together. That shouldn't take as long as all the drilling and deburring that's necessary here.

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