13 Nov 05 - Nutplates, Firewall Recess

The directions from Van's contain a list of things that you should get done before hanging the engine - one of the items on this list is a small collection of nutplates that need to be mounted on the firewall - on the aft side of the firewall, actually. They are for various things and not really worth documenting individually other than to say don't forget to do them. They'd be a pain to drill and buck after the engine is on there. In any case, today is nutplate day.

Well, that, and also we're starting to work on getting the recess match drilled and riveted.

State of the firewall. There isn't really anything new here . . . so why did I take this picture? Dunno.
Inside of the firewall recess - the rivets that connect the sides of the firewall recess have already been squeezed.

A few thoughts on the firewall recess:

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