14 Feb 05 - F-6118, Shop Organization

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's work on the airplane.

Sears came through just fine. We went to exchange the hole saws, and it seems that since we've bought these, they've improved the manufacturing process. The ones that we got to replace them look like they were constructed by welding the blade onto a flat plate instead of a dome. I think. Maybe. In any case, they work better, and a test drive with scrap alclad yielded much better results than the other hole saws that we were using yesterday.

Also, there are a few photos from today that document the way my mom's been helping in the shop. Between the organizational help that my mom's given and my dad helping with construction, this has turned into much more of a family project than I think any of us expected it would be. Nifty!

Hole saw in the drill press. We're obviously drilling the second hole, here.
And clecoed in the plane. Because I'm not really short, the rear-most position of the pedals was still pretty far forward - we've cut off about a inch and re-arranged the lightening holes. The smaller holes are brake lines for the dual brakes.
It's me! This is for the FAA. What we're showing here is match drilling the bolt holes through the bearing block and F-6118.
This is how my mom's been organizing parts - even though they're in jars with the bag numbers on them, it's much more natural to look for them by "I need an AN470AD4-5 rivet" instead of "I need bag 1960." Sometimes you do need both ways of searching for things, though.
And here are the individual baby food jars - note that they all have the part number and the bag number on 'em.
Well, mom brought this out here, too. I guess she doesn't like the kerosene smell. Seems a bit out of place in the shop, though. This wasn't included in the Avery tool kit or anything, though . . .

Still puttering around and looking at plans a lot - we decided to not rivet F-6118 on - we're not real sure if we'll be able to get the rudder pedals out after we do that, and we want to do a bunch of the interior paint before we get the rudder pedals in for good.

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