14 July 05 - More Rollbar Stuff

Well, this last week has not been awesome as far as working on the plane. Lots of work chaos, mostly, but also (more pleasantly) folks stoping by the shop, all that sort of stuff. We're slowly making progress on the rollbar, though.

How do you draw a line 1/4 inch from the side? After a couple attempts that did not work, we finally settled on a cleco clamp and a ruler as a tool to do this.
How to drill holes on the inside when the rollbar has to be clamped to the table: one solution, anyway, is to use a long drill bit. This is me match drilling the holes with the frame all clamped together.
End result for where we are now - this is all drilled, finally.

Well, it looks like tomorrow's task is going to be to get the top inside channel match drilled. Then we'll have to see about getting the other frame pieces attached to this thing, too.

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