14 May 05 - Wingtips, Etc.

Picture for the FAA: yup, this is me with the bad haircut trimming the wingtips with a dremel.
Test-fitting the wingtip. As you can see, the fiberglass wingtip extends farther aft than the aileron does. We'll (eventually) trim the fiberglass so that it lines up nicely.
First draft of the trim in the back of the wingtip. I think this could have been done a little better.
Filing the wingtip. This is the scary-looking file that comes with the Avery Tools kit, but it works really well for removing this much material. Still leaves it smooth, though.

How could that have been done better? Obviously the end needs to be trimmed as much as it was trimmed (maybe a bit more, I guess we'll see), but the part that's pictured - between the wing skin and the hinge - could have been trimmed less than the rest of it and probably been okay. There are no moving parts there and it could be closer to the hinge. Of course, we cut both wings like this before we figured this out, so both of ours are going to look like this. But it could probably be trimmed closer for that part of it. Oh well. The next RV will be better!

Ahem. No, this will probably be it for me, at least for awhile.

Woo hoo! Left wingtip is on! This still has to be drilled out, it's just with #40 clecos in there now, and we're eventually going for nutplates.
View of the top of the left wingtip. It seems to fit pretty well.
Clearance between the wingtip and aileron. This is about 1/8 of an inch and should probably be closer to 1/4. Some more work to do, here.
The combination of the glove box and the tipper means that this has to be trimmed on the line that has been drawn. No problem, we'll use the dremel.

At this point, the batteries in the camera decided to stop participating for the rest of the afternoon. They'll be back with us tomorrow. Things that happened after this point, that didn't get photographed:

We're going to try to get the other wingtip finished up tomorrow, and maybe make some more progress on the other random stuff we're working on, too.

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