14 Nov 04 - Riveting the Seatbacks

The plan for today was to rivet the seatbacks together today. We've already gotten all the match drilling, deburring, and priming done, so today shouldn't be such a big deal, which is good because I have to change the oil in my car after we get done with airplane stuff. (No pictures of that, sorry.)

We're going to end up bucking these rivets instead of squeezing them - I don't have a pnuematic squeezer, and trying to squeeze these size rivets by hand would probably not have happy results, in terms of my ability to use my arms tomorrow.

Completed pilot's seat.
Both seats in there.
Detail on the seatbacks.
Well, I had to try it out!

After taking these things in and out, we discovered that it is lots easier to get the hinge pins in if you use a grinder to make the end pointy. Also, run the hinge pin through boelube. This makes it easier.

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