14 Nov 05 - Firewall Recess, Proseal Mess

So far on this project we've actually been able to avoid working with proseal at all - the wing tanks (usually where the most work is required) were prebuilt with the QB wings, and the trailing edge of the rudder (where the plans call for it) we did using a different construction technique when we built the empennage at the Alexander Tech Center.

Well, we can't get around it any longer - there are a few places on the firewall (between the firewall and firewall recess, for example) where the plans call for proseal specifically.

Firewall recess riveted on. We have put a layer of proseal between the firewall and firewall recess, although you can only see it peeking out of the edges at the corners.
The attachment for the cabin heat - this can either be RTV or proseal, and as we already had the proseal open, that's what we went with.
Relays, cabin heat attachment, and firewall recess all on there.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch: when we riveted the top and bottom angles for this bracket to the skin, they managed to shift towards each other and make it too narrow for the latch to fit in there. Now the latch is a bit thinner, and seems to fit just fine.
Flamemaster/Proseal sealant that we used for this. More of a discussion about this stuff is below.

This flamemaster proseal in a tube stuff can be purchased from Van's Aircraft, and the description of the stuff on their site gives you (or at least it gave me) the impression that this was different stuff than "normal" proseal. However, a few local RV builders have glanced at it and said, "Oh, proseal," so maybe I'm the one that is confused.

In any case, this stuff was recommended to us because it's less messy than mixing proseal yourself, however, this does not seem so easy to use if you do not have a gun for it. (If you look at the last picture, you can see the aluminum angle that we crammed up the back of it.) If you're going to use this stuff, get a gun for it.

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