14 Oct 04 - Gretz Heated Pitot Mount

I was at work later than I wanted to be, so we didn't get as much done as we were planning to. Well, a little bit of work getting done is better than no work getting done at all. Tonight we're working on getting the heated pitot tube mount on, let's see how it goes:

You've got to fabricate this L-shaped piece out of .032 aluminum.
Also, there was a certain amount of filing that was necessary to get to this point - detailed below.
I'm commenting on all these pictures just below here. Probably at this point none of them make any sense.

Okay - let's try to explain all that, from left to right:

  • Far left: there's a little L-shaped piece of metal that you need to attach brace for the mounting bracket to the wing rib. It's not included in the kit, though, so we made this one out of leftover aluminum from the empennage kit. The tool shown is what we used to bend it into the correct shape.
  • Center: When you get the kit, the actual mounting bracket doesn't fit through the holes that are in the aluminum braces. This requires some patience and a file to get to this point.
  • Far right: There's a lack of specific directions at to exactly which bay this should go into. This picture illustrates which one we're going to use, and I guess we'll see how it works out. The factors to consider are (a) not too close to the tie-downs, (b) where to run all the pitot plumbing, (c) close to an nutplate so it can be checked and fixed if necessary, and (d) not too far inboard so it doesn't get in the propwash. As you can tell from the picture, we picked the bay that's just outboard from where the bellcrank (and access plate) are going to go. Seems to be good compromise, we'll see.
There seems to be a bit of wiggle room with this mounting bracket - that's good, I think, but it means that there's a bit of bending and filing before it fits just how you want it to. I'm really pleased with it, though.

Those two parts clecoed together. (Woop-de-do.)

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