Visiting Scott Will

Scott's a fellow QB guy, and we actually started on our projects at around the same time. He's made much faster progress than we have, though, so it's productive to stop by and pick his brain for advice about parts that he's built and we haven't.

Scott also has a nice webpage if you want to see more of what he's up to.

Most of the canopy work is done. The back window is glued on in the front, in addition to there being some screws there.
This is one of Fabian's modular panels . . . Scott's going with dueling Grand Rapids EFIS displays. Also, the mount for the GPS is slightly angled towards the pilot.
Back of the radio stack. Almost everything is nutplates so the whole stack can be taken out at the same time.
This gray part that's clecoed in there is the support for the throttle quad that you can see in the picture above. This is designed to give the bottom of the panel more rigidity, and boy, does it work.
Back of the fuse blocks. These are different than the ones I've seen.
Front of the fuse blocks - the one on th right has the removable cover on it. Scott bought these from Fabian at Affordable Panels.
Creative way of getting the fuel lines to fit - a union between the two halves that go between the gear legs.
Location of the ELT.
Detail on the canopy latch.

Random piece of advice from Scott: when you're doing the canopy, fit and attach the back window first. The Van's directions actually tell you to do it after doing the front part, but Scott (and a few other builders out there) have figured out that it's easier to do in the opposite order.

I haven't tried this yet, so your milage may vary.

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