14 Sept 05 - Canopy Latch Stuff

Dad's out of town this week, but today Rick McCann came over to help. Rick's a pilot, but hasn't gotten the RV bug . . . yet. He needs a ride. In any case, thanks to Rick for coming over to help buck rivets and all that.

Riveted these on - oddly enough, these angles are actually parts from the empennage. Also, the piece that's sticking out has been deburred, drilled, etc etc.
Bottom angle has been match drilled in there, now. The latch is closed . . .
. . . and now it's open. Time to put the top angle on there.
View from inside - both the lower and upper pieces are on there, now.

Still needs to be deburred, dimpled, countersunk, primed and painted, but the difficult part of getting this all to line up looks like it's finished.

For what it's worth, though, this wasn't done in the order that they tell you to do it in the directions. We drilled one, and then put the other one in there and drilled it, and this seemed to work okay, though. Editorial comment from a few weeks in the future: not really. After getting stuff countersunk and dimpled and clecoed back together, it is having a tendency to snag because it's a little too tight. After a bit of work with scotchbrite and a file, seems to be okay. I'm not sure if this would be avoided by following the directions - it's likely, though.

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