15 Aug 05 - Mounting the Rollbar, etc.

We're slowly getting the rollbar closer to being mounted . . . taking longer than it should, I think.

Mounting the elevators - getting the washers in here is a pain. Even with the washer wrenches, this took awhile.
Clamped into the right place for drilling (after lots of measuring and marking and measuring again).
Drilled to a #40 and clecoed in there. Obviously, these are going to get drilled out to a much larger size.
Rollbar fits, but despite the stretching we did, is still a little narrow. The mounting hardware will probably stretch it out and it'll be okay, though. There's a bit of flex there.

This looks like one of those days where we haven't gotten a whole lot done, but that's really okay. This stuff took awhile because we measured everything multiple times . . . for something like this, that's probably okay.

That's probably about all we'll get done before we start cleaning and putting stuff together before the TVRVBG meeting coming up on Thursday.

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