15 Jan 06 - Heat Muff Stuff

Where exactly do you put this thing? I'm not sure if I'm reading the plans incorrectly (always a possibility), but there doesn't seem to be an ideal place to put this. There are a few potential areas pointed out, and I've seen a few of these go in other places besides that.

In any case, depending on how this all works out, this may have to get moved around quite a few times.

Here's the basic frame for the muff. This part needs to be assembled before the shroud goes on the outside, contrary to what you'd think if you were just playing with the parts without reading the directions, the shroud doesn't fit under those edges.
Over it, like this. You can see there's a little bit of a gap in the sides, there but I guess that's okay.
Scat tubing connecting the heat muff to the heater box on the firewall. There will be another clamp in here holds the tubing to the engine mount, but I just figured out we're out of the clamps. Time for a Van's order.

It seems to me that the only way to get the scat tubing to fit over the ends like it's supposed to is to remove a section of the wire (on the inside) and the string (on the outside). Presumably this is okay, but it's best to be careful to not pull off too much of it.

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