16 Jan 06 - Manifold Pressure Hose

This is pretty much stock stuff, here - about the only thing that's worth mentioning is that the location called for in the firewall isn't really ideal, because (a) the hose that Van's sends you with the kit is too long, and will sort of fold back on itself if you put it where it calls for, and (b) that location is a pretty fair distances from where you actually want it to be, once it gets on the other side of the firewall. The location where we put it - shown below - actually seems to be a fairly popular choice. Closer to the engine monitor that will want that information, and the hose looks better. It may need another clamp to hold it to the engine mount in the middle, there. Probably will attach that later.

Tube run starts in the lower right on the cylinder, and is the black tube that runs to the top of the firewall, seen in the upper left corner.

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