16 July 05 - Drilling the Rollbar

As it stands now, we've got the inside drilled for the aft half of the rollbar, which works out to about of a quarter of the way done. I'd just like to see how far we can get on this thing today, but let's see how that goes.

However, before we get started, it's worth noticing how cool Fabian at Affordable Panels is. I've made an effort to buy as much stuff as I can from him as his prices are always good, response is terrific, and the business seems to be small enough that I can pick up the phone and call him and he knows who I am. (And no, he's not paying me to say this.) In any case, the subpanel idea that we had been playing with a few weeks ago (what it was going to look like can be seen here) we more or less decided was not really going to be good enough, so time to call Fabian and ask him to send the subpanel that I should have bought with his panel kit in the first place. Unfortunately, I had already removed the "ears" on the frame (pictured below) that you should keep if you're going to use his subpanel, because I had guessed that we were not going to use it. Fabian was willing to swap these out (apparently he's got another use for one of the frames that doesn't require ears), so what could have cost purchasing the entire kit again pretty much just came out to what the subpanel kit cost.

Here both panel frames are, in case you're not sure what I mean by panel "ears."
Clamping the rollbar to the table with clecos and washers. This is probably not for use on a really nice table, I'm thinking.
The strip has a tendency to want to come back up unless you really hold it in there - here mom helps while I'm match drilling the rollbar.
Where we are at the end of the day - everything's drilled.

Why is this taking so long? Something that I did that I suspect many folks did not is drill the rollbar by itself (size 40 drill) and then match drill it to the strip (size 30 - the final size). I think this makes for a very nice fit and keeps all your holes where you want them, but it's probably not necessary and adds lots of time to the process.

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