16 June 05 - Rudder Cables, More Panel Stuff

Sort of a miscellaneous day today. Dad's still working on filing some of the weird curves that are required for parts of the panel (i.e., the hole cutouts on the VSI and altimeter) and I'm hunting for other projects that can be done by just one person.

Rudder cables are in. Although this is easy, it's more time-consuming than you'd think it is: take bushing out, put cable through bushing, put cable through hole, slide bushing/cable into the hole, etc etc.
PS Engineering includes a nice template to drill the holes for the intercom. We used this to centerpunch the holes, and then took it off and drilled the holes.
Here's the end result. This was the easiest thing to mount in the panel, well, ever.
After a bit more filing, hole for the ELT fits nicely. We'll drill the holes for the screws next time.

There's not much left before we can put everything in the panel together - a few more holes to drill, and then probably we'll give it a coat of primer.

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