16 Nov 04 - NACA Vents, Rudder Cable Fairings

Today we tried several different ways to nicely drill the vents to the fuselage, and finally found something that worked. We tried enough things that didn't work that this pretty much took up the whole evening.

This is an interesting problem because the goal is to get the holes centered in both the inside backing plate part and the outside skin.

We almost match drilled this, but then decided that it's a little risky - it might only be nicely lined up on either the outside skin or the inside backing place, depending if you drilled it from the inside or outside.
Still messing around with what will eventually become the fairings for the rudder cables. These need a bit more work.
This gets them nicely centered on the outside skin, but that's only one of the two goals.

Here's what we did:

  1. Mark (and drill, but with a smaller drill bit than what you'll eventually use) the position of the holes on the actual plastic vents. Because we had already test fit this to the backing plate, we knew that if it was centered on the plastic, it would fit nicely on the backing plate too.
  2. Match drill (still with the smaller drill bit) the plastic to the outside skin, making sure you've gotten it nice and centered where you want it.
  3. Match drill (you're still using the smaller drill bit, remember) the plastic (again) to the inside backing plate.
  4. Drill it all out to the size you want it.

In any case, here's the end result from the outside - nicely centered, I think.
Same thing, inside view.

Still need to dimple the skin, and then slap these things on for good - I think we're going to use RTV gasket stuff instead of messing around with proseal.

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